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External Links
LMR at  A message group for former GE mobile radio employees
GE Marine Radio  A 1952 unit is shown 2/3 down this Lorain Electronics page
GE Ham News  A GE Tube Dept. pub. originally edited by MRD's George Floyd 
  GE's Computer Business  Informal history with some about Harrison Van Aken
ELab Alumni  Some Lynchburg employees came from this Syracuse facility
WBNVH's Calif. HP Site  Nice GE and Motorola history pages on this site
Repeater Builder  Eleven GB of technical information on GE & other 2-way gear
Hall Electronics
 A reference guide to GE two-way radios with many Photos

My Other Sites
Inland Marine Radio History Archive  History of radio's use on the Great Lakes & Miss. River System
K4ZAD's Radio Info. Site  Some helpful radio related information