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GE News - Lynchburg VA Plant

Following are images of a few of the newssheets produced by E & CR. The content always had a uniform feel even though, over the years, the sheets carried several different titles: CPD News,  Lynchburg GE News and GE News. These examples come from the files of only a few people and many important events are not represented. Please contact me if you have copies that should be added.

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1960-8/24 P1 P2 Seven CPD Inventors Recognized || Who's driving the T bird?
1963-7/15 P1 P2 Dave Pinkerton - First meeting as CPD Eng. Mgr. || Customer Praise for Microwave Gear
1963-9/3 P1 P2 Wayne Dalton and Harry Peppiatt receive Patents || Business Training Course
1964-4/24 P1 P2 Porta-Mobil Introduced || Order upswing noted || National Secretaries Week
1964-4/27 P1 P2 More on Porta Mobil || Dr George Haller to address GE Engineers
1964-5/1 P1 P2 Salute to Customer Services - Ron Wick
1965-1/13 P1 P2 Patent for "Search Lock Monitor" issued || Campbell County Rescue Squad's New GE system
1965-4/9 P1 P2 Stenimetz "The Wizard of Electricity" - 100th Birthday
1965-5/7 P1 P2 New Motorcycle Radio announced || Southern III Information
1965-6/29 P1 P2 PPE VIP Team Recognized
1965-12/7 P1 P2 Visiting Regional Service Managers || Manufacturing Job Promotions
1966-2/25 P1 P2 Emphasis on Safety || Five Recognized for Patents
1966-6/30 P1 P2 Start of Summer Vacation || More Light in the Factory
1966-11/22 P1 P2 Visitors from Germany || College Visitors
1967-2/3 P1 P2 ICOM Announced || National Electrical Week
1967-3/15 P1 P2 Video Cable Amplifier Publicity-Dottie Pulliam || "What Union Leaflets Never Point Out"
1967-9/22 P1 P2 Engineering CIP Team || The NEWS Celebrates It's Tenth Anniversary
1968-1/15 P1 P2 Svitek Replaces Starr as Xtal Eng. Mgr. || 1967 News Highlights
1968-1/16 P1 P2 Bob Babcock is New Mobile Assm. Foreman || Successful Emergency Blood Collection
1968-1/19 P1 P2 Royal Pro & Royal Exec Announced - Lots of Team Photos
1968-3/4 P1 P2 Mobile Radio Business Section Staff Appointments || Quarter Century Club Officers
1968-4/29 P1 P2 Product Planning Staff || ALGEE Officers || Wire Area Employees View New CAP Home
1968-11/12 P1 P2 Regional Mgr. Jay Bryant Recounts Some Early GE Radio History
1969-4-28 P1 P2 Giles & Paul Patent Award for PSLM || Pro Business Mgmt. Grads.
1969-8/28 P1 P2 Huricane Camille
1969-8/29 P1 P2 Huricane Camille || Gerry Kios to Head Data Comm. Sub-Section
1969-9/2 P1 P2 L'burg Now HQ for GE's Communications Systems Division || 40 Year Veterans Photo
1969-10/2 P1 VA Gov. Godwin Salutes Lynchburg GE People for Huricane Camille Assistance
1970-1/26 P1 P2 Extensive List of GE Firsts in 2-Way Radio
1970-6/22 P1 P2 Bloodmobile || Photo of Paul Sensabaugh Receiving Patent Award-Buesing, Mann, Barnes
1970-10/8 P1 P2 Junior Achievement Team Support Photo || Field Service Training Session Photo
1970-10/16 P1 P2 Florence Plant Announcement || Regional Administrators Meeting Photo
1970-11/30 P1 P2 Eight Patent Awards Presented by Dick Buesing
1971-1/6 P1 P2 Book Announcement: "Torn Land" About Huricane Camille
1971-10/1 P1 P2 United Fund at 100.77% || New Engineering Staff Appointments Announced
1972-10-13 P1 P2 MASTR II Announced
1972-12/27 P1 P2 Mitch Ellis Retirement
1973-5/3 P1 P2 Highlighting the Mobile Radio Service Center at The Carroll Ave. Plant
1974-5/6 P1 P2 Quarter Century for Bob Kinney || Safety Shoes
1974-9/13 P1 P2 Thirty-five Years for Dave Pinkerton
1974-12/13 P1 P2 John Crow Retirement
1975-2/25 P1 P2 John McCormick Retirement
1975-7/18 P1 P2 Don Bates and Al Giesselman visit Region H || Girls Boftball Team
1975-8/22 P1 P2 Bob Sutton Retirement || Awards for Proffit, Robillard & Region B
1975-10/27 P1 P2 Ed Kenefake Retirement || Another Paradox: MRPD!
1976-1/19 P1 P2 25 Years for Bob Wheaton || S&SP Payout
1976-12/20 P1 P2 New Customer Svc. Org. - Van Deas, McKenzie, Gallion, Hatcher || Amos, Blackburn
1977-3/1 P1 P2 New CSC Training Facility - Anderson, Bruington, Yates || Guthrie, Will
1977-3-28P1 P21st Visit by Storno Engineers || Indianapolis System in GE Annual Rpt.
1977-3/30 P1 P2 Storno Visitors with Dellwo and Paul || Old Timers in Mobile Shop Ops.
1977-9/2 P1 P2 Don Myers Named GM for MRPD
1978-2/20 P1 P2 Don Meyers Engineers Week Thoughts
1978-2/28 P1 P2 MRPD'S "Man in Washington," Ken Grahan Retirement
1978-6/14 P1 P2 Salute to Service
1980-2/22 P1 P2 Tom McKee's Engineer's Week Thoughts
1980-3/27 P1 P2 Century II Announced
1980-5/7 P1 P2 MRD Scours the World for New Component Sources
1980-7/9 P1 P2 Salute to Service
1982-1/8 P1 P2 Reduction in Forces Hits 125 Employees
1982-1/18 P1 P2 Winston Stalcup - On 1982 As a Year of Challenges
1982-2/24 P1 P2 Tom McKee's Engineer's Week Thoughts
1982-3/00 P1 P2 P3 P4 Special Report on Walt Weyler's State-of-theBusiness Meeting - Nice
1983-1/14 P1 P2 P3 P4 S & SP How it Works || Karl Whitaker - On Engineering Tech. at MCBD
1983-2-18 P1 P2 P3 P4 National Engineers Week ||Editorial by Olin Giles || Many Photos
1983-6/1 P1P2 Salute to Service
1985-10/8 P1 P2 P3 P4 Paint and Dip Team || Quality First || Customer Service
1985-12/3 P1 P2 P3 P4 Health Plan Upgrades || Customer Service || Evacuation Plan
1986-8/4 P1 P2 P3 P4 John Trani Going to Medical Systems Group || MPS Portable
1986-10/14 P1 P2 P3 P4 New VP & GM Jim McNerney ||RANGR Highlighted || Salute to Svc.
1986-10/28 P1 P2 P3 P4 Winshare Program Highlighted || Dear Shirley || Winshare Photos
1987-2/10 P1 P2 P3 P4 Jim McNerney - On 1987 Opportinities & Challenges || Dear Shirley
1987-2/17 P1 P2 P3 P4 About the Winshare Videotape || Salute to Service
1987-3/24 P1 P2 P3 P4 Businesses Are Changing || Junior Achievement
1987-3/31 P1 P2 P3 P4 More on Businesses Are Changing || "Guru Sessions" get a New Look
1987-4/7 P1 P2 P3 P4 State of the Business Meeting Report || Geo. Fulcher wins EPCOT Trip
1987-4/21 P1 P2 P3 P4 MCB a Hit at Land Mobile Expo || Winshere Repoprt
1987-5/27 P1 Mahlon "Hutch" Hutchison Dies