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The generosity of GE Mobile Radio vetrans who have contributed material which appears on the site is either noted directly with the item and/or is listed here:

Many thanks to Pete Lascell and Welford Jones for providing much of the site's content.

Warren Middleton (SK) provided material and help via many Skype conversations.

Thanks to Jim Sears for his contribution of GE memorabilia.

Jim Elder sent a disk of material from Wayne Dalton (SK)and John Main (SK). Thanks all.

Seymour Paul contributed to the GE News collection.

John McCormick (SK) provided significant content. Wish I had contacted him earlier.

John Webb provided a big collection of 35mm slides

George Munch (SK) was helpful in several ways.

As were Bill Hays, and Wally Strader.

Rick Brown and Charlie Calder were helpful with the Time-Line page.

Hope I haven't missed anyone.

Webmaster's Credits

The webmaster is by no means a HTML and CSS expert. This site would not be possible without the help, obtained via the Internet, from those listed below. They have provided the the templates and tools needed to construct these pages.

My sincere thanks to each of them

The CSS based page template (much modified) is from Paul O’Brien's site.
I. D. Lee of the Didcot Girls' School (UK) is the source of the Last Updated script.
The new responsive slide show Code (much modified) was authored by Mark Lee.

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Except as noted here most of the site's content is in the public domain.

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