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Lynchburg Products

Though the title says Lynchburg Products this page will also include products produced in the Florence, SC plant.

Starting in 1959 all GE mobile radio design and production was shifted to Lynchburg VA, and the several NY plants were closed - See the Southern Plants Page for more on the facilities involved.

This 1962 Brochure details the product line in the early 1960s: PDF

Here's a partial listing of the Lynchburg products:

Progress Line - production transferred from the Utica, NY plant.
Transistorized Progress Line (TPL) - June 1959 (Syracuse designed)
Voice Commander - September 1962
Porta-Mobil - April 1964 - PDF - GE News - PDF
MASTR Professional - June 1964 - PDF
MASTR Executive - PDF
MASTR Personals - May 1969 - PDF
MASTR Stations - October 1970 - PDF
MASTR II - October 1972 - PDF - GE News - PDF
MASTR Personals - 1975 - PDF
MASTR Products - 1978 - PDF
Personal and Portable - 1978 - PDF

Hopefully, the files will yield more.

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