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Land Mobile Radio Industry

This page will host information that is not specific to General Electric's radio business but which pertains to land mobile radio in general and, very selectively, to some of GE's competitors in the business.

The APCO Special Historical Issue of March 1971 is excellent and well worth a look. However, it may be a slow download as it is an 84 page, 28Mb, PDF document.

The May 1962 issue of The Proceedings of the IRE was a huge special issue commerating the 50th Anniversary of the organization. Included was "The History of Land_Mobile Radio Communications" by Dan Noble of Motorola followed by "Future Developments in Vehicular Communications" by Austin Bailey. Both of these are in the 2Mb PDF file.

"Land Mobile, Successes And Failures In The 1970s" (small PDF file) was a 1980 IEEE presentation by Jerry S. Stover who had just retired as Chairman of Communications Industries in Dallas, TX.

This one is about microwave communications. The article Industry Seeks Its Own Radio Net highlights the late 1950s battle between the Bell System and the various industries seeking to install microwave systems to lower their communications costs. The industry in this case is the oil and gas industry. 

Some 1950 competitors' advertisements:

Comco        Hammarlund        Link Radio        Motorola        Raytheon